Asset Fractionalisation? The what, why, and how of On-Chain Real Estate

Getting into any form of investment can be a bit intimidating, especially for people who are just starting out with their careers and have only begun earning their own money.

What many of the most successful people out there will advise the younger generation is to invest in assets that can bring them a solid return on their funds in the long term; however, at the very beginning, rarely does someone have huge amounts of money just laying around burning a hole in their pocket to invest.

This is where asset fractionalisation comes to the big picture, which aims to provide a way through which just about anyone can begin their journey in the world of investments.

Today, we will go over everything you need to know about asset fractionalisation.

Asset Fractionalisation Explained

Before we dive too deep into asset fractionalisation, we need to go over what an asset is first. Specifically, an asset is defined as something that can both hold value, as well as generate a positive return to the original investor. Property, for example, a home or an apartment, is an asset alongside gold and even silver.

Within the crypto space, we have also seen this translated in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) or even non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are regarded as assets. What this means is that an asset can be tangible as well as intangible.

Asset fractionalisation is essentially the process of dividing an asset into smaller denominations to the point where users can essentially buy its practical ownership.

In some cases, this is a process that can be reliant on the blockchain network as a means of creating a safe, as well as transparent platform through which value can be exchanged.

What essentially occurs here is that the process can assign a set number of tokens that can divide the property. Think of them as shares, where individual people can buy the shares, much like a company would sell its shares.

Why Asset Fractionalisation Matters

Think of real estate for this example. There are numerous cases where rich individuals would purchase luxurious properties, which can prove to be a lucrative source of income once it is rented out to either other individuals or companies that want to host events or use them as an offer. However, historically, this has only been available to those who have been extremely wealthy.

This is essentially a method of investment that has numerous benefits, as well as a lot of potential for those in the working class who are looking for numerous affordable ways through which they can put their money to use and not let them get eaten up by inflation through the procedure of investing them and raising more capital.

The main benefits surrounding asset fractionalisation include the democratization of ownership in high-value assets. Anyone can, at any point in time, get involved with investment, no matter how much capital they have, which means that they do not have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to begin their investments.

This also provides additional investment avenues for investors and brings investments, such as real estate, into the formal domain. Additionally, the underlying technology fractionalisation eliminates fraudulent operations, especially if it is based on top of blockchain technology, and enhances the overall level of security, visibility, and even transparency. If you are looking for the best real estate stock, that is the one you can actually afford to get into, and you can do so by utilizing a real estate investment app.

The Future of Asset Fractionalisation

With the rise of blockchain technology, came the rise of real estate block chain, and many new markets have begun entering the space where they automatically assume that tokenization is a requirement in order to fractionalise. However, tokenization is simply a representation of the shares which have been issued and is not a requirement.

A security token cannot be like a cryptocurrency due to the regulations involved with it. This means that each situation surrounding tokenization is unique, and there are instances where tokenization makes sense and where it does not.

Only a few components of tokenization and blockchain can actually be utilized to deal with securities, and due to the minimal applications, some issuers might not even consider tokenization as an option until there are clear efficiencies from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What this means is that asset fractionalisation with tokenization is possible, but every case is unique. There are multiple offering structures that are possible and allow an issuer to fractionalise ownership of unique assets, from collectibles to even real estate.

Why Asset Fractionalisation Matters for You

Tokenization will be utilized to help and ensure greater liquidity, alongside better price discovery as well as universal accessibility of assets that are otherwise illiquid. You can think of them as stocks in real estate, or a means of making an investment in commercial real estate.

This technology has the potential to essentially disrupt numerous asset classes, including art, precious metals, real estate, private shares, and even private debt.

However, the main concern of this movement in fractionalisation is the challenge of ensuring the security of the tokens. In any case, tokenization is a process that will now allow small-scale investors to participate in investment opportunities that were otherwise unavailable to them without the direct need for large amounts of capital.

This will also additionally allow asset owners to access a new source through which they can gain liquidity that has tremendous potential for an upside.

If a vendor of a building would, by default, have only a hundred potential buyers with asset fractionalisation, they will suddenly have access to thousands of people.

For the average working-class person, this is also excellent news, as they are provided with the opportunity to begin investing with just a few hundred dollars instead of needing to save up or pick up a loan for thousands of dollars in order to get started.

This will enrich their knowledge, experience, and their bank account as they can begin seeing returns as soon as possible, instead of waiting years for their capital to build up in order to even begin learning the overall procedure and begin gaining experience within it.

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