Traditional vs Fractionalized Real Estate Investing

Traditional vs Fractionalised Real Estate Investing: Which Is Smarter? Investing represents an important way through which people can put their money to use on a global level. In other words, instead of letting your money sit in a bank account and get eaten up by inflation, you might want to get involved with the investment. […]

Benefits of Asset Fractionalisation

There are numerous benefits when it comes to asset fractionalisation for many industries. However, to truly understand the benefits, we first need to go over what asset fractionalisation is and how it actually works. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about this emerging technology. Asset Tokenization: Everything You Need to Know Asset tokenization […]

How to Invest in Real Estate without Buying the Whole Property

There comes a point in time in anyone’s career when they want to diversify their assets and actually begin investing in something that can grow in value or generate them with passive income. However, traditionally, in order for someone to get into the real estate space, they had to essentially spend hundreds of thousands of […]

How To Earn Passive Income From Fractional Ownership

Throughout history, real estate has been one of the most prominent and well-established ways through which people have created a passive income stream for themselves There are many apartments and properties as a whole that are set up to be rented instead of directly sold. However, this asset class has for years been only restricted […]

Propchain’s Phased Launch Strategy: Towards Optimal Product Delivery

Propchain’s full-launch is almost upon us, but a need for precision remains. To ensure that customers and users are provided with the optimal user experience, euphoria from first using the Propchain marketplace, and making their first investment in property for as little as €100, Propchain has developed a thorough Phased Launch Strategy, which was elaborated […]


Propchain is proud to announce that the final Whitelist Sale Spots for its native token $PROP are now officially up for grabs. In order to apply for a spot, you must fill in this Application Form. Before filling out the form successfully, you can inspect Propchain’s Deck in order to become more informed about our […]

A Need for Transparency in Real Estate: Blockchain’s Role

The real estate industry has been one of the largest industries when we look at it from the perspective of investing in traditional finance. However, transparency has not quite been the strongest aspect of real estate, where numerous people have gotten to roadblocks involving the pricing, condition, and history of a specific property that they […]