How Can Crypto Help Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Real Estate Investors and Crypto Investors

It is clear that Web3 technology and the overall structure of the blockchain as a whole have reinvented how people look at investments and have opened the floodgates to financial services to the average person, even those without much capital due to the rise of decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Through tokenization, alongside other technological advancements, the crypto adoption within the real estate market can see fractional property ownership skyrocket in terms of popularity.

Fractional Ownership

Over time, fractional ownership of buildings and property developments has become one of the main adoption areas when we look at blockchain technology and connect it with the real estate business.

What this essentially means is that we experienced a point in time where the access to real estate investing became democratized, where we saw an increase in the liquidity in the market, and this ultimately paved the way for a lot more people to feel comfortable with investing in the first place.

However, in the world of real estate, all of the transactions take time, as it takes time to inform each party as well as each part of the deal what is done, all of which leads to a slow advancement throughout the entire process, something which can be resolved and streamlined with the power of blockchain technology.

Crypto Tokenization

Tokenization through fractional real estate investment is yet another example where the emerging sharing economy has managed to shine, where it encourages crowdfunded ownership, which is a trend that has decentralised the global asset market.

Tokenization has provided a new way through which the real estate market can gain liquidity by making it a lot easier for people to trade and invest in properties.

Tokenization is the procedure of taking traditional assets, which in this case is real estate, and dividing them up into digital tokens that can be traded on top of blockchain technology, which ultimately makes it a lot easier for people to invest in and trade these types of assets.

The asset in question is converted into ownership rights that live on top of the blockchain network. 

Tokenization has essentially revolutionized the way we invest as well as trade assets mainly due to the fact that anyone can access it.

It assists in liquidity, transparency, automation, accessibility, and the reduction of geographic constraints. 

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Real Estate and Crypto

In the context of real estate specifically, tokenization is the procedure that involves fractionalization, where a property is divided into multiple smaller parts of the property and gets stored on the blockchain.

This way, investors can directly own a piece of a token’s underlying real-world asset without needing to purchase an entire property.

This helps investments in real estate become accessible as well as liquid.

Instead of just buying the property directly, investors can buy tokens that represent a portion of the property in question, which just makes it a lot simpler and a lot easier to invest, and can create a market that is a lot more liquid as a direct result of this.

Due to the fact that it lives on top of the public ledger, also referred to as the blockchain, it can interact with multiple other cryptocurrencies. This is how real estate block chain would essentially function.

Here’s where we can bridge the gap between traditional real estate and crypto.

Cryptocurrencies can also be fractionalised, which means that instead of buying 1x BTC for $20,000 or the current trading price, you can just buy a fraction of BTC or just buy 1x $100 worth of BTC instead. This can be replicated when it comes to real estate acquisitions.

The same is now possible with real estate due to the aforementioned crypto tokenization procedure. The tokens in question just need to follow a token standard that is compatible with decentralised Finance (DeFi) and decentralised applications (dApps) or that can be converted, as a means of connecting all of this and making all of this work.

  • Users can secure higher liquidity, as the number of buyers is greatly enhanced and not just limited to those who can afford the entire asset.
  • The usage of blockchain technology brings an entirely new level of transparency to the industry, as all of the transactions are visible to everyone on the network.
  • Due to the fact that smart contracts are utilized, numerous processes involved with real estate transactions can be automated.
  • Tokenization also removes any limitations of the fractionalization of real-world assets, making it possible for a wider investor base to participate in the overall procedure. 
  • Due to the fact that blockchains are globally accessible, anyone from anywhere in the world can gain access to the tokenized real estate.

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Moving Forward with Investments

Hopefully now you know a bit more about how crypto essentially connects with traditional real estate, and how all of this, when coupled together, has the possibility of bridging the gap between crypto and traditional real estate investments. 

Users are no longer limited to just straight up buying the entire property but can do so through buying a fraction, or in other words; they can do so through leveraging numerous applications, cryptocurrencies that they have already on top of their cryptocurrency wallets, and can do so from anywhere in the world. 

Today, there are even tools available such as Propchain, that will enable you the opportunity to get started without tying up your capital and engage in the real estate sector. You can benefit from micro-investing, faster transactions, more transparency, less third-party involvement, increased security, and much more, all of which contribute to peace of mind and accessibility.

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