How To Buy on Uniswap

How To Buy $PROPC on Uniswap

With Propchain’s native utility token $PROPC’s launch coming up on the 18th of May, we want to make sure that you know exactly where, when, and how to buy $PROPC. In this article, we will explain to you exactly how you can buy $PROPC on Uniswap at 14:00 CET when the token goes live on this exchange. Follow the steps below to have an easy and seamless buying experience!

Before starting, please note that you will need an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, namely MetaMask. Make sure you have set up your MetaMask wallet and have some ETH available for transactions.

Step 1: Access The Uniswap Interface

Open your web browser and navigate to the Uniswap website ( Ensure that you are utilizing a reliable and secure source to access the website to avoid putting your wallet at risk.

Step 2: Connect Your Ethereum Wallet

On the Uniswap interface, you must connect your wallet by clicking on the “Connect to a Wallet” button located at the top right-hand side.

Select MetaMask and follow the prompts to connect it to Uniswap. Make sure your wallet is properly funded with ETH for the subsequent transactional fees.

Step 3: Find $PROPC Token on Uniswap

Locate the search bar or navigate to the ‘Select token’ search section on Uniswap.

Then enter the $PROPC token address (0x9ff58067Bd8D239000010c154C6983A325Df138E) or its ticker symbol. $PROPC to find the token. Once you find the $PROPC token, click on it to have it selected. Make sure the address matches to avoid scams.

Step 4: Choose USDT/PROPC Pair

Currently, the only available pair is USDT/PROPC. Choose it to proceed.

Step 5: Set Transaction Parameters

In the Uniswap interface, you will find the “Swap” section where you can set your transaction parameters. Enter the amount of $PROPC tokens you want to purchase or the amount of USDT you want to spend. Uniswap will automatically calculate the other side of the trade based on the current exchange rate.

Step 6: Confirm The Transaction

After reviewing the details of your transaction, including the estimated price, transaction fees, and slippage tolerance, and ensuring that everything is correct, click on the “Swap” or “Confirm Swap” button to proceed.

Step 7: Approve The Transaction

You must approve the transaction if this is your first time exchanging $PROPC tokens on Uniswap. A pop-up window will appear, requesting your permission to spend the amount of $PROPC tokens specified. Pay the gas fees in your Ethereum MetaMask wallet to confirm the transaction. For security purposes, this screenshot will not be shown.

Step 8: Wait For The Transaction Confirmation

After approving the transaction, you must wait for the Ethereum network to process it. Depending on network congestion, this may take a few moments or longer. You may follow the progress of the transaction using your Ethereum wallet or a blockchain explorer.

Step 9: Check Your $PROPC Balance

Once the transaction has been validated, you may check the balance of your $PROPC token in your Ethereum wallet. Check that the balance reflects your latest $PROPC token purchase.

You’ve Done It!

Once you complete all of these steps, you can officially call yourself a proud HODLer of $PROPC! We hope this tutorial helps make your trading experience easier, quicker, and more enjoyable. To find out more about $PROPC and its Five Utility Pillars, we invite you to visit our Token Page.

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