Propchain’s Phased Launch Strategy: Towards Optimal Product Delivery

Propchain’s full-launch is almost upon us, but a need for precision remains. To ensure that customers and users are provided with the optimal user experience, euphoria from first using the Propchain marketplace, and making their first investment in property for as little as €100, Propchain has developed a thorough Phased Launch Strategy, which was elaborated by CEO and Co-Founder Robin Ubaghs in a recent AMA Seminar, which can be watched back here.

We do however understand that watching a 40-minute long YouTube video, although a fun pass-time, is not always possible for our busy audience, hence why we are writing this article for your convenience. Without any further ado, here is a summary of Propchain’s Phased Launch Strategy to keep you up to speed with what is to come.


Propchain aims to provide accurate timelines to its audience and prospective user base to keep them up to date with what is happening and what is to come. That said, to leave room for optimization of user experience, the company has strategically decided to opt for a 2–week period for each phase of the launch, which is marked by an AMA session whereby executives of the firm communicate the progress, results, and expectations of each phase.

The first AMA will take place on Sunday the 16th of October, 2022 at the round up of the Mission Control Phase. You can already book your attendance spot to watch it LIVE here.

Phase 1 – Mission Control

In order to prepare for the beta launch phase, Propchain coordinates the internal delivery teams and processes during the mission control phase. This phase has already begun and is nearing its conclusion, as mentioned in the Preamble of this article. A checklist of external audits is being checked off as the IT team at Propchain migrates the platform to the production environment.

Phase 2 – Beta Launch

Following the Mission Control Phase comes the Beta Launch or the Closed Group Phase. This phase will only include 20 to 50 users which is an expansion on the Mission Control group size, but remains controlled enough for adequate feedback reception and further application betterment. 

A rigorous testing and assessment cycle is performed by a 25-person external user group and a 10-person internal test team.

Propchain will evaluate the beta platform launch, the effectiveness of the delivery teams, and the procedures during the closed group testing period. Bug fixes and bettering the platform setup in the production environment will be the focus of our tech team during this stage, and building up to the subsequent one. 

The internal banking and wallet system, as well as the off-chain platform operation, go live after the external audit is finished.

Phase 3 – Priority Launch

The Priority Launch Phase will include 50 to 150 users, again, an expansion on the previous group size. This phase is meant to be “Fit For Use”, where Propchain runs one more fixing and optimization round before moving towards broader launches such as the Waitlist Launch and Community Launch Phases. 

The browser-based application will go live during the priority launch phase, along with the listing of the BTC Mansion, the first flagship property in our real estate portfolio. The service and support teams are working at full capacity.

Our inner core from seed and private round participants have the unique chance to invest in real estate, leading to an order-of-magnitude increase in users.

Insightful information will be provided by this user group through client comments. Continuous service improvement is built on metrics like user experience, customer happiness, and platform performance.

Phase  4 – Waitlist Launch

A Fit For Scaling Phase, the Waitlist Launch allows Propchain to truly augment the amount of users who will enjoy the functionalities of its marketplace. 

Community members who have signed up for our waitlist will be granted access to the browser-based platform throughout the waitlist onboarding phase, greatly expanding the user base.

While observing user behavior on the platform, we will test service procedures, onboarding, and service automation.

Invaluable platform performance, financial, and user experience data will be provided by onboarding this diversified user base; these data serve as the cornerstones for ongoing service improvement, supply & demand, and overall product strategy.

This phase will be open to a number of users ranging from 500 to 2500 users.

Phase 5 – Community Launch

In the event that the previous stages are unable to generate enough users, be it due to market conditions or ulterior consumer behavior obstacles, the Community Onboarding Phase will take place to increase the platform’s user base even further.

Similar to the Waitlist Onboarding Phase, the start of this phase would involve a marketing campaign aimed at expanding Propchain’s social media following (top of the funnel), with relevant KPIs standing at 60k-100k in audience size.

Phase 6 – Mobile App Launch

While the previous phases focused on scalability ,service delivery, user functionality and quality of service with our core community members providing feedback, the main focus of the Mobile App Phase is the User Interface and Front End Development. 

All current users will have the chance to download the mobile app and offer feedback to our tech team, who will diligently work to incorporate the required adjustments and improvements.

Phase 7 – Public Launch

Ultimately, we can conclude that this Launch Strategy is aimed at providing a Quality Focussed Product, with a thorough understanding of customer needs and experience, to make for an optimal delivery of more services, updates, all while continuing to grow Propchain’s exposure globally. 

Looking to be part of one of the earlier launches? Look no further! You can still register to Propchain’s waiting list through the “Get Started” button on the top righthand corner of the page, and learn more about the project through our social media!

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