PropChain General Update Q1

Q1 so far… With the last month of the first quarter of 2022 approaching, the PropChain team is glad to provide our community and investors with a comprehensive update on what has been going on behind the scenes throughout the last couple of months.

As the saying goes, the calm before the storm, is what we have been undergoing over the month of February up until now. This new year has started off very well for us internally on technical, legal and financial cornerstones — and now, we are able to share some exciting updates with you.

Product & Tech — As you all know, PropChain’s native token $PROP — which has countless utilities including staking, fees, and payment — has seen its smart contracts developed and now on course to be audited. Regarding the former, we are finalising the decision related to which auditing company we will be working with, as we want to ensure that the best of the best inspect the smart contracts and ensure their complete viability and readiness. Upon undergoing this process, we will continue holding fruitful discussions with launchpads that will host our IDO — making the journey of $PROP come full-circle.

Our product development team is working on pushing code in the repository, building up to the launch of PropChain’s MVP/platform in the upcoming couple of quarters. However, you will not need to wait for the launches to see and interact with our product, as our UX/UI will very soon be animated with all its features, so you get to taste what your experience trading tokenised Real Estate assets on PropChain will look like.

Additionally, our UX/UI teams have been working relentlessly to create not only an aesthetically pleasing display, but an efficient and simple to use interface which will appear on our App and Mobile App. One that will be exclusive to PropChain and helps the company stand out from its competitors, becoming a household and thought-leading brand in the years to come.

Financing — Both the seed and private rounds have been filled up during February, meaning that PropChain has achieved its funding goals in a fast timeline. A milestone that we are proud of, but also happy to see, as it shows that our community not only supports our initiative, but trusts us to deliver. Once more, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your trust in PropChain.

Liquidity Pools, Staking Modules and more programs are currently being developed by our team, to not only launch the token and platform, but add as much utility, community rewards and interactions with the PropChain ecosystem as possible — making you all an even bigger part of this project and rewarding you for your loyalty, trust and support. More updates on these topics will follow as they come.

Team — In the past month, we have managed to scale our marketing operations to great extents, on-boarding Ian Upton — who manages our marketing automations serving as PropChain’s CDO & CPO, Raz Isac who in turn provides expertise in high-end coding for our websites (staging and project), as well as our clickable applications that are in the works, and Ralph A. Chiti, who is the lead marketing strategist and campaigner within PropChain. They both will allow the marketing department to run smoother, and scale our outreach, gaining a larger audience and user-base, all while convincing and proving to the general public the legitimacy and credibility of PropChain. You will be able to personally meet them in an upcoming team AMA, which we will be confirming the date and timing of in due time.

Business Development — PropChain also hosted The Future of Value event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where our founders spoke about the project to prominent investors within and outside of the industry, sparking their intrigue about blockchain technology as a whole. For our Dutch speakers, you can read about it on De Telegraaf, here!

For our non-Dutch speakers, make sure to keep an eye out on our socials for content related to this event very soon.

Finally, we are happy to inform you that the official PropChain Litepaper will be available for consultation beginning of May 2022 — giving you a ready-made overview of what PropChain is building, where we stand currently with regards to our roadmap, and what you can expect on all fronts.

The team would like to thank each and every one of our core contributors and community members for their continued belief and support, and we cannot wait to provide you all with further updates as they come.

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