PropChain’s #BeatTheBear Strategic Update:

As the old adage says, “We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust the sails”, and with the current Bear market conditions, PropChain’s strategists have well and truly adjusted these sails to perfection.



The market conditions presented at the moment are extremely unfavourable for launching a token of any nature. Be it one with tremendous amounts of utility or not, it is now not a time where token quality determines its first months and years of life, rather market sentiment, volatility rates, and liquidity.

To combat this reality, and ensure a safe and successful token launch, PropChain’s strategists have altered $PROP’s product strategy, making the market conditions work in PropChain’s community’s favour. Below, we briefly discuss these changes and the announcements that have been communicated about them.

What are these changes?

PropChain has decided to postpone the launch of its native token ($PROP) which was due to launch in Q2 2022. PropChain’s strategists to launch the platform first, and go public when the market is more favourable, in order to protect our investors and #BeatTheBear market. PropChain will thus be launching its marketplace prior to its token, allowing it to gain credibility, prove its concept, and gather a large user base which not only enjoys the platform, invests in real estate, but provides PropChain’s developers with feedback to further improve the platform.

How does this benefit PropChain and $PROP?

Numerous times in the cryptocurrency space, we have encountered promising projects who ultimately dilute or fail to deliver due to an immense amount of community and user pressure that comes post-token launch. We found a recurring trend for the majority of projects that opt for a — launch token first, launch product second — approach, and that was token price fluctuation, customer loyalty, and product satisfaction decrease exponentially in small periods of time. This is the result of the large gap between the token launch and product launch, which creates a sense of uncertainty to holders, who are even more eager to see progress after investing into a token. Launching PropChain’s marketplace first will allow users to get an on-hand experience with the platform, use it, fine tune it through community feedback, and become familiarised with the processes and functionalities. This makes for a beautiful arena to launch a token on, as these users will base their token purchasing decisions purely on result driven conclusions and proven concepts, rather than potentially empty promises.

This in turn will benefit the health of the token launch.

What can I do with PropChain until $PROP launches?

Once the platform launches, you will be able to invest in a number of properties that will be tokenised and ready for purchase on our marketplace! These include — Bitcoin Mansion, Dubai; Entorno Villa 1, Tulum.

When Can I Expect Updates Regarding The Platform And $PROP? And When Will The Platform Be Expected To Go Live?

The platform is expected to go live, as planned in Q3

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