Introduction to Propchain

Our world experiences a systematic shift every few decades, characterised by technological advancements and increased efficiency. After the emergence of the internet with the .com boom, a new revolutionary infrastructure is quickly making its way into our day-to-day lives. Blockchain technology is quickly transforming the way we exchange assets and commodities of all shapes and sizes.

Introduction to propchaint500

This creates a window of opportunity for all asset classes to redefine their purpose. For real estate, however, there seems to be little to no concrete solutions that allow for the transparent, efficient and affordable purchase and transfer of properties. PropChain aims to pioneer this initiative. A world where real estate investment is accessible to absolutely everyone, no matter their demographic, is truly in sight.

Real estate investment barriers are consistently getting more rigid and taller

Owning, selling, and investing in real estate in general comes with an array of inconveniences that could be spread out over 100sqm. The main issues relate to liquidation and administration. Whether you are investing in real estate to make a profit or to simply have a roof over your head, the main problems you will certainly face come in the form of difficulties in transforming your estate into cash and dealing with long waiting periods and lag time, caused by inefficient agents and contractual infrastructures.

Here is where PropChain jumps in.

Our goal is to make real estate assets available and easily accessible for everyone. We aim to merge the industry with blockchain technology through smart contracts, bridging the gap between retail and property investment. PropChain’s solutions to the problems are accompanied by two objectives; make asset liquidation fast, easy& convenient and make asset acquisition efficient and affordable.

Fractionalised ownership shares make for affordable access to real estate investment

PropChain transforms estate properties into digitised assets, thus making it possible for them to be fractionalised as shares, which can then be bought and sold on our easy-to-use marketplace. Users must simply create an account and wallet, have their identity verified through our KYC system and that’s it, the fun begins!

Property supply is increasingly getting slimmer in proportion with demand

Before confronting the issues related to asset acquisition and sale, investors usually face one main problem which is at the forefront of their journey: finding a property. With the rapidly increasing population, comes an equally steep increase in demand for estate properties. And with supply remaining relatively the same, finding a feasible property becomes an obstacle. To tackle this issue, PropChain deploys several activities:

1. Scouting system — Globally based scouts assist PropChain with identifying and locating estate developers and properties all around the world to list on the marketplace.

2. Advisors and legal body — These teams plan, model and execute the auditing processes which ultimately determine whether an asset is eligible for listing.

Legal uncertainty results in costly information asymmetry scenarios for the buyer

What worse than dishonesty in trade and lack of knowledge? Often, buyers will find themselves facing investment opportunities that are pressing in time demand yet require significant amounts of research prior to executing the trade. For this, PropChain has ensured that all listed properties are legally binding and sound investment opportunities. Additionally, our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that all transactions are executed, recorded and visible on the ledger in a matter of minutes.

Real estate investing made for everyone500

Yield, rent, valuation and overall financial performance

To achieve our goals without compromising, we must ensure that all aspects of real life estate transactions and investment are accounted for. For this, we have developed an automated yield system which allows for rent collection on your properties and overall increases in property value. More on this process soon, so keep an eye out for upcoming updates.

A market that is in desperate need of a  technological foundation

Now, aside from the novelty of our idea and execution, it is also worth mentioning that this is not a luxury that we are creating, rather a near necessity if the industry wants to stay up to speed with technological advancements. As the world’s assets quickly start to get tokenised, with tokenised markets estimated to reach $24 trillion worth by 2027 according to The World Economic Forum, it is important for a base layer to be set, a solid foundation for each industry to go through this transition as smoothly as possible. Real estate is not only a rigid industry due to its high immobility and illiquidity, but also due to its complex regulations and variability in its laws in different jurisdictions. PropChain is thus building a legally transparent and binding, efficient and innovative marketplace, where the biggest asset class in human history can transition in parallel with technological advancements in the financial scene.

PropChain in a nutshell

PropChain is a De-Fi Blockchain solutions company, working towards making real estate investments efficient and fairly priced through the utilisation of smart contract technology, cutting out all intermediaries and giving property owners their fair dues. The marketplace will include a variety of different properties across the globe that have been tokenised into ownership shares, which can be exchanged on our platform. Finally, PropChain is also expected to launch its very own native token $PROP very soon.

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