How it works

We believe that anyone should be able to invest confidently, even without years of experience in real estate. For that reason we designed the Propchain real estate investment marketplace to be clear, simple and easy to use.

What’s more, you can get started with a few simple steps and a starting investment of €1000. Thereafter you can buy, sell and collect rental income from your properties, all with a few taps on your smartphone.

Set up your wallet

In order to get started, simply enter your basic info to create an account. As a result your Propchain wallet is set up within minutes.

Verify your identity

We need to make sure it’s you! So, please upload a copy of your passport, driver’s licence or national ID. We’ll start the KYC process and verify your account.

Choose Your Membership Tier

We offer a range of membership tiers based on the amount  you choose to stake. With the result that you will receive lower fees, more exclusive perks and higher rewards.

Find Your Ideal Property

Browse the curated collection of international properties on our marketplace. Our experts have searched the world to find ideal properties that will offer you the highest rate of return.

Make Your Investment

Found the right property? Invest easily with the payment method of your choice. Just a few clicks, and it’s yours! See all your investments on the easy-to-use dashboard.

Earn rental income

Enjoy monthly passive income as you collect payouts from the due rent on the properties in your portfolio. Everything is managed for you – no work required.

Watch Your Property Value Grow

You’ll benefit from the rising market value of your fractional ownership in the properties within your portfolio. See your wealth grow year on year!

Sell your stake

When you’re satisfied with how much your property has appreciated (or you’ve found a better opportunity) it’s quick and easy to sell your property through the advanced P2P bulletin board to another Propchain user.


Propchain is a real estate investing marketplace that provides its users with the tools to invest in global real estate properties and developments of all natures, sizes, valuations, and locations. Propchain makes use of blockchain technology to facilitate your experience on our platform and allows you to invest in fractionalized real estate as opposed to traditional investing methods.

Propchain tackles many issues real estate investors or aspiring ones encounter in the traditional market. Propchain consistently develops and sources property to ensure that there is never a shortage of investment choices on our marketplaces. It also carries out the due diligence processes before listing a property to guarantee the estate’s viability and sustainability. Finally, Propchain eliminates all entry barriers and administrative processing times by allowing you to directly invest in real estate without needing to consult or work with an intermediary, from as little as €1000, thus eliminating high financial entry barriers.

PropChain’s real estate investment marketplace, the first cornerstone of the ecosystem – is set to launch in Q4 2022. Therefor we invite you to register to our waiting list to be prepared for when our marketplace launches. Click the “Get started” button below to register to our waitlist.

You can start investing in Real Estate for as little as €1000. Consequently you will be able to browse PropChain’s marketplace, straightaway pick a property you would like to invest in, choose the amount you would like to invest, and done! What’s more, you become the official fractional owner of the property you invested in.  With the result that you are entitled to rent distribution dividends, value appreciation gains and more benefits that we will be communicating in the coming months!

Earn more, worry less

Are you ready to make the world’s most desirable asset class work for you? Start investing in real estate and enjoy consistent hands-off profits. There’s no expert knowledge required!

Be the first to test and use our desktop version of the Propchain platform by joining our waitlist!

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