How to claim $PROPC

Users can claim $PROPC tokens based on their vesting contracts and Staking rewards through the Propchain’s official Token Dashboard. This dashboard is dedicated for the user to learn more about the $PROPC token, learn about its latest happenings, its metrics, stake into the $PROPC ecosystem and claim Tokens based on Vesting schedule and rewards into our Staking program.

Get Started

1. Connect your wallet

Head over to the top right and click on ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect your Metamask wallet on the Ethereum chain. You will then see your personalized Dashboard based on your $PROPC holding in your wallet.

2. Click on ‘View Claims’

Claim your tokens by heading to the bottom right panel on the Dashboard. Here you will will able to find your Vested Tokens, Tokens claimed, Rewards and Vesting to Claim. Now click on to ‘View Claims’ to begin claiming through the Token Claims Dialogue box.

3. Claim your Tokens

View your Vesting and Reward claims that you are eligible to claim on the Tokens claimable dialogue box. Click on ‘Claim now’ to claim your Tokens as you desire.

4. Enter amount to Claim

Enter the amount to claim based on Tokens available. You can either enter an amount you’d wish to claim or click on Max if you would like to claim the entire available amount.

5. Congrats! You just made a claim!

You have now made a successful claim of your token. You can find the amount of $PROPC you claimed and also find the transaction on Etherscan.
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