Welcome to $PROPC

$PROPC is Propchain’s native utility token which dawns on a number of utility objects that can be exploited by its holders. From Voting rights to Staking, this token is crafted in great detail to ensure the best experience for its holders and to make Propchain the comprehensive real estate investing ecosystem it aims to be!

What is $PROPC’s utility?

The token carries five (5) main utility objects which are being rolled out on the basis of a pre-specified roadmap. Below, we delve deeper into what these objects are.

Five Pillars

The Propchain utility token is a key component of the Propchain platform, providing access to a range of functionalities and features. Whether it’s to function as the gas of the validation process, liquidity pool (LP) staking, accessing an investment vault, participating in voting, or engaging in peer-to-peer property transactions, the Propchain utility token plays an essential role in the Propchain ecosystem.

Liquidity Pool (LP) Staking

Users can lock their $PROPC LP tokens as a part of staking operations and receive rewards for committing a period of locked tokens. This locks up $PROPC and helps stabilize the pool and reduces circulating supply.


$PROPC tokens are used to incentivize actions across the Propchain ecosystem in several ways. They are a means to internally access the P2P marketplace and other products.

Propchain Investment Vault

$PROPC tokens can be put into a Propchain investment vault. The vault is for users that want to invest in a tokenized property with the $PROPC token. By using the vault users get a 50% discount on the sourcing fee of the platform. (more about the vault in the whitepaper)


The $PROPC token will function in the near future as the gas token for the validation of tokenized properties on the zkEVM network. This means that the validators will need to use $PROPC to pay for the gas fees associated with the validation process.


$PROPC tokens are used by participants to govern the Propchain ecosystem, ensuring consensus in decisions for the future of the $PROPC token, products and services.

Token Phases

What is the roadmap looking like?

The $PROPC Token Phases entail a wide range of development, utility addition and evaluation, optimizations, and deployment of technologies that help support the use of the token such as the P2P Marketplace! You can find the live status of all the phases below.


Key Objectives:

Developing the initial MVP Initial fund raise

Creating initial awareness/ marketing around project

Token Utility

The token is used for fundraising to gather resources for the project. The private and partial seed token sales are used here.

Proof of Concept

Key Objectives:

Users using the MVP and gathering feedback

Successfully sell/list first batch of real estate

Generating initial revenue as PoC

Token Utility

The token isn’t used during this phase. As the focus is on testing our systems and protocols with the initial users.


Key Objectives:

Stable launch and usage of utility token

Collecting large group of product users

Growing the size of our crypto community

Token Utility

Real estate investment vault

Liquidity pool staking


Key Objectives:

Improvement and expansion of B2C offerings

Building liquid P2P marketplace

Development of B2B platform

Token Utility

Settlement currency for all P2P offerings. So buying/selling of real estate is exclusively available via $PROPC

B2B fee models for using the technology

Voting and burn models

Tier system within the projects ecosystem

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