Propchain's Investment Strategies for Making You Wealthier

These are the 4 research-driven investment strategies Propchain uses to ensure you earn returns on our marketplace.

Cash flow from rental properties

The first strategy we employ is to rent out the residential properties we invest in long-term, as well as short-term vacation homes on Airbnb or HMO. They provide us with consistent income and long-term equity growth.

These low-risk, low-effort investments get results because we drive property appreciation through refurbishment, decreasing operational expenses, raising rents, or a combination of those factors.

Property appreciation through Value Addition

Our Value Addition strategy focuses on commercial or multi-unit (>5) residential real estate. We improve the property through renovations, rebranding, adding amenities, or better property management, providing more value for the tenants.

With these improvements, the property can generate a higher net operating income over time, resulting in a higher valuation for an eventual exit.

Worldwide Development and Flipping Properties

From ideas to reality through development

Our third strategy is to invest in worldwide real estate developments. This allows us to get in on the ground floor of a project early on, which then becomes an equity stake once it’s completed.

When the development is finished, we either sell our stake or keep it to collect monthly cash flow and capitalize on property appreciation.

Quick gains with fix & flip

The market is always ripe for flipping properties. With this straightforward strategy, we seek out distressed real estate, renovate it to a high standard, expand its margins, and sell it for a profit.

By joining in on an opportunity like this on Propchain, you can easily earn a short-term profit on the flipped property and reinvest it into a new opportunity, or keep the cash for yourself.

Why Do You Invest in International Properties?

In short, investing in a single location is riskier. You are limited to the deals in that area that may be unaffordable, depreciating, or have unfavorable laws for landlords. As an investor, it’s wise to diversify your portfolio internationally.

That’s why Propchain gives you instant access to international real estate deals with the tap of a button. So you can invest in high-potential properties, without being limited by your geographic location.

Why Do You Invest in Residential Properties?

There are many reasons why we focus on residential properties, here are a few of them:
Residential real estate performs better in an economic crisis.
When a downturn occurs, businesses are the first to suffer. However, housing is always in high demand. Residential properties continue to appreciate at a faster rate than most savings accounts.
Renters generate monthly cash flow.
Residential properties will provide you with consistent rental income month after month. Even during economic turmoil, high-quality renters rarely miss payments.
It’s safer than the stock market.
Unlike the stock market, residential real estate is a historically stable asset class, meaning it provides consistent long-term growth, as opposed to the volatile fluctuations of the stock market.

Ready to use these strategies to grow your wealth?

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