We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build a legacy for themselves.

For too long, the secrets of creating long-term wealth were out of reach for many. Without access to a team of experts, it’s an uphill battle just to get started. As inflation erodes savings, many people are left feeling unsure of their next move.

We created Propchain to provide info and resources so that everyone, from students to retirees, is able invest in real estate easily and confidently.

Whether it’s paying off student loans, sending their kids to college or planning a dream retirement, we aim to give our members a stable and reliable way to build life-changing wealth.

That’s why we made Propchain so easy to use, and why it only takes €100 to get started. Plus, we’ve built an educational app to teach our members the foundations of investing strategy.

The moves you make now with us will transform your financial future. We’re your personal investing team of experts and we’re here to help you become wealthier and wiser for the long term.

Meet our team of experts

Robin Ubaghs

Alexander Ingwersen


Ian Upton

Chief Data Officer

Christian Baumann

Chief Investment Officer

Tobias Athenstaedt

Chief Technical Officer

German Dolinsky

Chief Marketing Officer

Tim Reijerse

Brand Designer

Mostafa El Ridi

Campaign Manager

Vince Nijhof

Head of Advertising

Jaco Reijm

Community Management

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We only offer you properties that meet our uncompromising standards. Our experts search the world to find real estate that will compound capital at a high rate of return.

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