"For too long, the secrets of creating long-term wealth were out of reach for many. Without access to a team of experts, it’s an uphill battle just to get started."

Robin Ubaghs, CEO
“Working on Propchain together with our amazing team of extraordinary people sharing the same vision of providing the opportunity to build a legacy to any person who has the desire to do so, brings an insane amount of energy to me on a daily basis. The future’s looking bright!”
Alexander Ingwersen, COO
“It’s a great experience to work with a team that has the same work ethic and thrives to achieve the same goal, giving everyone a fair chance of building a financial legacy for themselves with just a couple of clicks.”
Meet our team of experts

"We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build a legacy for themselves."


Our team is dedicated to working together closely, sharing ideas and feedback to build the best possible platform. We value open communication and constructive criticism, and believe that by working together we can achieve great things.


We have a long-term vision for our platform and are committed to its success. We understand the potential for growth and scalability, and we’re constantly thinking strategically about how we can take our platform to the next level. We’re passionate about what we do and excited about the future of our platform.


Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our platform. We’re always exploring new technologies and techniques to improve the user experience and deliver cutting-edge features. We’re not afraid to take risks and try new things to stay ahead of the curve.

Executive board

Leading with purpose, shaping our future together.
Gilles Bindels
Chief Investment Officer
Sameer Bakhru
Chief Financial Officer
Ian Upton
Chief Data Officer
Carola Tibbe
Chief People Officer
Nick Palfrey
Chief Customer Officer
Olivier Semenjuk
Token Strategy & Utility

Core Team Members

Collaborating to drive success and achieve our goals.
Jaco Reijm
Chief Compliance Officer
Tobias Athenstaedt
Chief Technical Officer
Hugo Vauntier
Hd. of Securitization
Alvin Kok
R&D Lead
Tim Reijerse
Brand Designer
Mostafa El Ridi
Campaign Manager
Abigail Taylor
Digital Marketing Executive
Farhana Meghami
Crypto Social Manager
Akhil Varma
Social Media Manager
Jules Schneider
Customer Exp. Manager
Irfan Merchant
Product Designer
Robertas Urbé
MLRO Lithuania
Adnan Khaled
Community Moderator

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We only offer you properties that meet our uncompromising standards. Our experts search the world to find real estate that will compound capital at a high rate of return.
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