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Managing a portfolio the old-fashioned way takes a lot of time, knowledge and capital. 

Propchain makes investing easy and accessible for everyone, with fractionalized real estate. 

Build, track and share your portfolio with our mobile app.

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Invest in properties around the world and build a diversified portfolio, without leaving home.

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No need for large down payments or mortgages. Get started without tying up your capital.

You are always in control.

Collect payouts from the due rent of the properties in your portfolio. Satisfied with your capital appreciation? Sell your ownership to other Propchain users through the advanced p2p swap technology.

Sell Your Property At Any Time

Watch your portfolio appreciate and put your stake to other Propchain users through the P2P bulletin board whenever you’re ready.

Learn Top Investing Strategies

Learn actionable investment skills and methods from our educational app.

Earn Income Effortlessly

No time to manage a property or tenants? No problem. We take care of everything for you.

Are you ready to make the world’s most desirable asset class work for you?

How much is it costing you to keep your money in the bank?

Inflation is running rampant in today’s economy, and it will quickly eat away at your savings. Real estate has long been a proven safe haven for wealth during similar economic times. (But until now, it’s never been this easy to invest!)

In fact, investing in real estate can make inflation work for you. Use the slider below to see how your capital will increase as inflation rises. Each bar represents the growth of your investments at the end of one year.

Initial deposit

€ 2500

Monthly deposit

€ 10

Typical savings account

€ 0

Account with Propchain

€ 0

(after 20 years)
*Assuming monthly compounded annual interest of 0,1% and a 10,1% annual inflation rate on the savings account, compared to an average yearly total return (cash plus equity) of 10% with a similar inflation rate on the investment account with PropChain. Amounts displayed in todays value.

It's easy to get started.

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Create your account in 5 minutes and deposit your funds

Browse and invest

Browse the Propchain marketplace, choose the property you like and start investing.

Earn passive income, or sell

Enjoy monthly rental income, or sell your property and profit.

You’re one button away from investing in your first real estate property.

Why Real Estate is always a smart investment

Real estate investment offers you passive income and capital appreciation, without any of the risks and drawbacks of crypto, stocks or bonds.
Real estate
Regular cashflow
Low volatility
Capital appreciation
Physical asset
Inflation hedge
Avg. annual return

Sources: Bloomberg & Bank of America

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Incredibly straightforward real estate investing! A simple way to start building that retirement account I have been postponing for way too long. A small monthly deposit will make me a comfortable cushion to live off someplace sunny someday. I would recommend Propchain to anyone interested in exploring investment opportunities in real estate.
Propchain Trust rating
Jonas Umfik
I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate in some way but didn’t know how to begin and didn’t have the time to figure it out. I’m thrilled that I found Propchain to remove all the confusion from investing. Their real estate academy content seems to be top-notch and now I feel incredibly comfortable taking my first steps towards building a real estate empire.
4.7 Stars V2
Justin Tieleman
I really enjoy the communication of the PropChain team so far. The vision they have, and the opportunities they offer with the launch of the PropChain platform are wonderful and seem extremely easy to use. I plan to invest & hold my money with them indefinitely and one day pay off my student debt with the profits from compounding.
4.5 Stars V2
Aarav Bhatt

Earn more, worry less

Are you ready to make the world’s most desirable asset class work for you? Start investing in real estate and enjoy consistent hands-off profits. There’s no expert knowledge required!
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