Propchain Privacy and Data Protection Agreement

At Propchain, safeguarding your privacy and ensuring data security are of paramount importance. This Agreement delineates our practices concerning the collection, utilization, and protection of personal data we procure from you.

I. General Provisions & Jurisdiction
This Privacy and Data Protection Agreement applies to PC Holdings LLC, a Limited Liability Company constituted under the laws of SVG, bearing registration number 1585LLC2021, with its main business premises located at MBFC Tower 3, 17/F, 12 Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018982. Herein, PC Holdings LLC will be designated as “Propchain”.

II. Scope of Data Collection
This Agreement is relevant exclusively to Propchain’s principal website, associated subdomains, officially endorsed social media platforms, and all promotional content circulated within these channels, hereinafter termed ‘Covered Media’. We amass data via various mediums, including but not confined to, electronic mail, chat correspondences, helpdesk engagements, web-based form submissions, and telecommunication interfaces. Pursuant to legal mandates, compliance, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols, we might also accumulate specific personal Know Your Customer (KYC) data. It is imperative for users to recognize that this Agreement pertains solely to the Covered Media.  Propchain unequivocally absolves itself from liabilities concerning data from unsanctioned channels, insecure transmissions, public forums, user-generated submissions, or any platforms not explicitly encompassed under the ‘Covered Media’.  Users are advised to exercise due diligence when engaging with external or unverified platforms and acquaint themselves with their specific data privacy terms.

III. Data Utilization and Security
Personal data is garnered to proffer requisite services to users, congruent with pertinent sectoral regulations. Data acquisition is always executed through equitable and lawful modalities, contingent upon informed user consent. The rationale behind data collection and its prospective utilization will always be elucidated to users.  We vouchsafe the integrity of stored data through commercially viable protective measures, compliant with extant data security norms. Our online interfaces, digital client portals, and transactional modules are fortified with SSL/TLS Certificates endorsed by the ISRG Policy Management Authority.

IV. User Rights and Responsibilities
Users reserve the right to solicit data erasure, which will be effected save for compelling statutory or contractual obligations. Links to external entities not managed by us are beyond our jurisdiction; hence, we disclaim liabilities regarding their privacy practices. Users must authenticate secure connections, signified by a padlock icon adjacent to the URL. Any non-secure connections should be promptly reported to Propchain. Refusal to furnish personal data may impede our service provision capabilities. Additionally, any restriction on data processing might influence specific service offerings. While Propchain currently abstains from automated decision-making and profiling mechanisms, any future inclusions will necessitate policy revisions and subsequent user notifications. Direct marketing endeavors from Propchain will always accommodate opt-out provisions. Any concerns or suggestions regarding data management can be addressed to our contact channels.

V. Data Synopsis and Sharing
We amass personal identifiers, encompassing names, addresses, contact details, IP specifics, browsing data, transactional details, and site activity logs, to proficiently dispense our services.  Consent is invariably procured prior to data utilization, and such consent can be retracted at any juncture. Personal data remains confidential, barring obligatory disclosures mandated by law or contractual breaches.

VI. Data Protection Adherence
Your engagement with our platforms signifies concurrence with our data privacy protocols. For queries or clarifications regarding our data management policies, kindly reach out to us directly.

VII. Information Processed by Propchain
Propchain processes the following personal data: full name; address; telephone number; email address; IP address for geo-location purposes; internet browser and device type for optimization purposes; payment details (including, but not limited to, wallet ID, Transaction IDs, bank account or credit card number, cash transaction receipts), website and web application activity details, and any other data actively provided by you, for instance, through website profile creation, correspondence, or telephonic interactions.  For Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) purposes: identification documents, proof of address, photographs, and geolocation data via IP may be collected and monitored.

VIII. Consent and Communication
By utilizing our services for transactions, credit card verification, orders, or acquisitions, you are providing implied consent for data collection specific to that transaction or service.  Official notices or vital updates about Propchain are not categorized as email marketing. For secondary purposes like marketing, explicit consent will be sought, with provisions for refusal. Following your opt-in, should you wish to retract your consent, it can be done by reaching out to

IX. Disclosure to Third Parties & Affiliated Entities
Unless mandated by law or in instances of our Terms & Conditions breach, Propchain does not disclose personally identifying information to third parties. Should you wish to object to any data processing based on our legitimate interest, forward a formal notice to  In scenarios of contractual violations where dialogues and standard resolutions prove futile, Propchain retains the right to reveal necessary personal data to legal entities, collection agencies, or governmental bodies.  For purposes of security and safety, Propchain retains the prerogative to disseminate pertinent information across its affiliated and sister organizations. Such sharing aims to enhance our service delivery, maintain the integrity of our operations, and safeguard the interests of our users and stakeholders. Propchain remains committed to preventing unauthorized processing of sensitive data; any inadvertent mishaps should be promptly reported to for swift rectification.

X. Third Party Services
Our chosen third-party providers only receive data critical for their service provision. All third-party partners adhere to GDPR and possess transparent privacy policies. Key suppliers and their respective policies are detailed below:

Infrastructure – Cloudflare, Google Cloud Platform.
Software – Hubspot CRM, Sumsub (KYC, AML), WordPress, Google Workspace Business

Other third-party entities, especially payment gateways and processors, have independent privacy policies concerning data we provide for transactional purposes. We advise acquainting yourself with these policies. Transactions involving third parties may be governed by jurisdictions distinct from yours or ours, potentially subjecting your data to those laws. Exiting our website or being redirected to third-party applications excludes you from the purview of this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

XI. Data Security Measures
Our commitment to safeguarding your personal data encompasses industry-standard precautionary measures to avert unauthorized access, usage, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.  Our digital infrastructure resides on the secure Google Cloud Platform, with communication facilitated by Gmail and G-Suite over encrypted channels.  Propchain’s user management operates through Hubspot CRM and G-Suite Identity and Access Management.  All website, customer portal, and payment platform interactions are encrypted with SSL/TLS Certificates sanctioned by the ISRG Policy Management Authority.

XII. Cookies
Our website employs cookies and tracking technologies for various functions. Users can manage cookies through their browser settings.  For an in-depth understanding of cookies and managing them, consult We don’t alter our data practices in response to ‘Do Not Track’ browser signals. EU residents can request access, corrections, updates, or deletions of their personal data, by reaching out to  Data processing for EU residents adheres to contractual obligations and legitimate business interests.

XIII. Age Considerations
Users affirm that they have attained the majority age in their residence jurisdiction. The platform isn’t designed to cater to individuals below 18, and we avoid collecting data from such demographics. As stated in the Terms of Website use.

XIV. Privacy Policy Amendments
This policy can undergo modifications; frequent reviews are recommended. Material changes will be highlighted on the website for user awareness.  Mergers or acquisitions involving Propchain may entail a data transfer to the succeeding entity, preceded by user notification with opt-out provisions.

XV. Relation to Other Documentation
This Privacy Policy complements the Terms of Website Service.

XVI. Contact and Questions
For data access, modifications, deletions, grievances, or additional information, contact our data protection officer at Please take into consideration the legal response time of one calendar month for data requests.


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